12. Juli 2024

Sport in Schwerin

Sport kennt alle Sprachen – eine Initiative der Landeshauptstadt Schwerin und des FC Mecklenburg Schwerin e.V.

Englisch Über uns

Sport is generally considered an integration engine. It offers space for interpersonal encounters and an unrestrained togetherness over which prejudices can be reduced and integration can be arranged. The conditions under which our clubs in Schwerin organize sports locally change as society changes. Creative solutions for sports development are in demand, which are based on the needs and resources of our fellow human beings. Not only the diverse cultural orientations of our target groups play a decisive role when we talk about challenges and opportunities.
In cooperation with associations in Schwerin, we have written on the agenda to make club sports attractive under these changing social conditions and to offer people in the club a social home. The term “integration” is the focus here. We understand this to be a continuous process aimed at ensuring the equal participation and participation of all people in our society through cultural and social differences. Successful integration requires the willingness and cooperation of all involved.